Rebooted: NYC Apache Lucene/Solr User Group

Just a quick announcement for those of you in the New York City area or who can travel to the New York City area:


Lucene/Solr: The Default Search Engine for Hadoop

I am happy to announce that we are planning one meeting per month, except over the summer, with a mix of technical content and customer case studies (they should alternate every other month).

Want to hear about a particular Lucene/Solr topic? Let me know!

Have something to talk about related to Lucene, Solr or both? Let me know!

The group has been around since 2009 (so we’ve had 3 meetings in 4 years. Who’s counting?) and I expect 2014 to be a banner year.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog posts…Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate that sort of thing.


I am a full time employee of LucidWorks. We like Solr. Sometimes even I do.

This blog does not reflect the thoughts, opinions, facts or idiosyncrasies of LucidWorks (my employer). I’m still deciding if it even reflects my idiosyncrasies. My employer has not approved or disapproved any of the things I have said, not said, may say or may not say in the future or in a competing timeline. I might have written this on company time. But then again, maybe I didn’t. The cat will never tell.


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