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Solr Classic/LWS: How To Send A Single Query to Multiple Collections or Multiple Shards

[LucidWorks Search 2.6.2]
Due to circumstances of birth or events beyond your control (I guess that’s redundant) you find yourself with either multiple collections or multiple shards or both and you need to execute a single query to retrieve distributed results.

The cat understands in a way that only a true critic of Copenhagen could.

For the sake of argument, Continue reading


LWS: Ingesting a CSV File (Part 2)

Need to ingest a CSV file into Solr and not sure how to do it? Have a seat my friend (have you seen part 1?).

Let me start by admitting that I do all of my examples using LucidWorks Search. That means that if you use a plain vanilla Solr installation I might ask you to do something or to find something that is not there (or against your moral code of ethics). Not a pretty picture. Continue reading